Free AVG Antivirus on Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows Defender was introduced in Windows 8 as a replacement for Microsoft Security Essentials and is still recommended in Windows 10. The technical preview for Windows 10 has Windows Defender bundled with it which protects your PC by default.

You can also create a Windows Defender Offline Beta CD, DVD or USB Device with 250 MB free space that could help you protect your Windows from malicious programs.

I just wanted to see if other Antivirus works fine in Windows 10 so I went ahead and downloaded the Free AVG Antivirus software and installed it on Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build:9926)

AVG Antivirus on Windows 10

Once I had installed AVG Antivirus Free the Windows Defender was automatically disabled. The funny part is I could see that AVG Antivirus is installed (under Control Panel\System and Security\Security and Maintenance) but couldn’t find the Windows Defender stating that it is disabled.

No Windows Defender Disabled Status

When I tried to launch Windows Defender from the Start Menu, Windows System -> Windows Defender I got the below error message,

Unable to start Windows Defender
Since there no where i could find an option to enable Windows Defender, I went ahead and temporarily disabled AVG and I got the below flash messages on my desktop, it would be great if they could stay for a while for the user to read.

Windows 10 Notification messages
Now I went back to the Control Panel\System and Security\Security and Maintenance and still now I could only see that AVG is disabled but no messages on Windows Defender, so I went ahead and clicked on the View installed antispyware apps link beside the AVG disabled message and now I am able to see that Windows Defender is listed along with AVG and has the status off but when i selected and tried to turn on it is shown as disabled and I couldn’t enable it.

Windows Defender Permanently disabled
Takeaway: Looks like if you have AVG installed in your Windows 10 Technical Preview Windows Defender will be disabled. The only way to enable Windows Defender back is to uninstall AVG.

Over to You:

AVG Works just great on Windows 10 and I didn’t face any issues so far, have you tried it on your machine? Let me know how it went.


  1. thieuso dantoc says

    Kaspersky internet security 2015 software non compatibility for windows 10 insider preview

  2. georgepool says

    ik ben overgegaan van windows 7 naar windows10. Onder meer (!!) de apps van avg zijn nu niet meer
    beschikbaar. ongekend dat microsoft zpomaar in mijn gegevens kan knoeien. watik ook doe zewerken niet
    meer, omdart ze klennelijk niet com[partible zijn met hun eigen virus[programma (?) Ik overweeg terug te
    gaan naar windows 7.Kan dat ????

  3. Harry Moore says

    Scheduled and installed Windows 10 with AVG already installed. Bit Defender was then enabled and AVG disabled after installation. I can enable and disable Bit Defender but cannot open AVG.

  4. cthia says

    Scheduled and installed Windows 10 with AVG already installed. Windows Defender was not enabled. Unremovable pop-ups, so uninstalled Windows 10. No popups on Windows 7.


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