6 Best Hidden Features of Windows 10 That You Will Love

I haven’t spoken about Corona or faster boot time of Windows 10, I think there is much more than that in terms of user experience when we speak about Windows 10.

Below are some of the cool hidden features of windows 10, which has made it more richer than its previous releases. When I say hidden it doesn’t mean that you have to apply some tweaks to use these features, it’s just that sometimes people don’t notice it often or the features just escape from the eyes of the user.

Task Manager

The Task Manager is intuitive and become a very helpful utility quite recently. Microsoft has realized that a lot can be added to Task Manager. The arrangement of Tabs in Task Manager for example, Process Tab is the placed as the first tab because that’s what matters to most of us.

Remember msconfig command that you run to see the Startup programs, well looks like it has been shifted to Startup Tab as part of Task Manager.

Windows 10 Task Manager

The graphical representation of the Performance Tab gives you a clear cut status of your system. Also don’t forget to check out the Up Time section in the Performance Tab that shows how long you have started the system, cool isn’t it?

In-Built Antivirus

You have to no longer hunt for an anti-virus, the in-built windows defender in the Windows 10 Operating system gives you maximum protection, not only against viruses but also against spyware.

windows 10 antivirus

Go to Start Menu -> All Apps -> Windows System -> and click on Windows Defender to launch it.

Problem Step Recorder (PSR)

Well I have to be honest, this isn’t something new to Windows 10, it has been there for quite a long time but still I couldn’t resist bringing it out to you. Problem Step Recorder is not just for an old grandma but also for anybody who would like to report a system issue to a system administrator or to a tech support team.

Steps Recorder in Windows 10

You have to just click Start Record and perform the steps that cause an issue in your system and then Stop Record and hit save button to zip it and email it. A very simple and powerful tool that is currently placed under Windows Accessories and yes it is now just Steps Recorder (Microsoft has removed the “Problem” in Windows 10, good work).

Note: You can also type PSR from run window to launch it.

Quick Screen Shot

In addition to the inbuilt snipping tool you can also use the shortcut Windows Key + Print Screen to take a quick snapshot of your entire screen which you can get it from, This PC -> Pictures -> Screenshots. I believe that you already know that ALT + PRINTSCREEN will take a screenshot of the current window alone.

Quick Settings Tiles

Just like you would see it any smart phone device (I use Nexus 5) Windows 10 too has quick settings tiles that helps you to access things you need faster.

Quick Settings Tiles

Click on the note icon (Action Center) in the task bar which will give you the quick settings tiles.

File Explorer Features

The File Explorer was revamped in Windows 8 and still is better Windows 10, few of the cool features that a user might not notice are mentioned below:

Home Tab

Copy as Path

Most of the users are not still aware that this option is available from Windows Vista and Windows 7. Hold the shift key and right click on any file or folder then you should see the option – “Copy as Path” this is now part of the new file explorer ribbon.


This is a very handy way to copy the entire path of the file or folder.

Permanently delete

Again to make things easier, you have to no longer press SHIFT + DELETE,

Shift Delete in File Explorer

just use the Delete drop-down and select permanently delete.

Invert Selection

Select any file and press Invert Selection to select all other files in the folder except the one you have selected.

View Tab

Item Check Boxes

Long gone the days where you have to press and hold CTRL key to select multiple items in no sequence. Go to View tab in the File Explorer Ribbon and select the Item check boxes option. You should now see a check-box enabled for each of the folder which you can select and perform the operations that you want, on them.

File name extensions & Show Hidden Files Options

You have to no longer go to folder options to enable Show File name extensions and Show hidden files options; it is now part of the File Explorer Ribbon.

Hide Files

You can also hide a file just like that in a single click.

Hope these features are useful to you too, if you like this post do share it with your circle.

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